Challenge track: week 2 – hmmm

So, I’m writing this as I said I would keep you up to date on how I was meeting the challenge. It is fair to say there has been very little progress this week. My back is still bad and I have been struggling, there has been movement around the house but I have been been getting lifts if I’ve been going out. There has been a LOT of improvement in the last couple of days and I was able to stand whilst giving my talks at church today which I wasn’t entirely convinced I would manage!

Im going to get in the mindset of the beloved E, the BPF, so how can we be positive? Once I’m able to get walking again it really is going to be a challenge to get the miles completed in the time and that’s what I’m actually looking forward to, rather than just doing a mile a day – but going for longer walks and enjoying it.

I hope next Sunday I’ll have a few more miles to share with you but for now if you want a reminder of the link to support me here it is…

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