Wednesday Wonders: Grateful

What are you grateful for?

This morning I was at a drop-in place and one of my friends kept asking people to name something they were grateful for. I was so pleased that most could come up with something easily, whereas one person didn’t seem to be able to stop listing things that they were grateful for – how great!

This, of course, got me thinking about what my answer would be. My top three would probably be my Family, my Friends, and my Faith. With a tricky few years if it wasn’t for these three things I’m not sure I would have made it through.

Those would be my three overriding things that I’m grateful for but what am I grateful for today? I’m grateful that my friend was able to pick me up to take me to the drop-in centre this morning (I’ve still got a bad back) we were able to have a nice chat and I was able to make it there in the first place.

It is so important that we recognise things that we are grateful for, whether that is the larger things that play a big part in our lives and provide a foundation for us, or whether that is recognising something each day that THANK YOU for.

So I ask again, what are you grateful for?

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