Wednesday Wonders: a bit of luxury

I do like a latte, but I especially enjoy it when the Christmas specials come out and I can have a gingerbread latte. Above is a picture of one a had in the week before Christmas, usually there’s nutmeg on top but, as you can see, this one came with gingernut biscuits. To say I was excited is an understatement! I love a gingernut biscuit, so to have them on top of my favourite latte – could life get any better? I think we safely say, for me, this was a bit of luxury. Maybe not for others but it was for me.

My first gingerbread latte of the year was my sign that Christmas was close, the season was beginning. However, over recent years there have been places where gingerbread latte has been available throughout the year, and I would have it whenever I saw it. So it hasn’t been as special this year as it has been previously.

Can something be a luxury if it’s something you have regularly? Going by the definition it can, as the definition suggests it’s about cost, comfort and elegance. However in my mind I link luxury with rarity and I’m going to try and keep the gingerbread latte for next Christmas and hope that I get one with gingernuts again! Honestly I cannot fully express how luxurious and amazing it was!

What are your luxuries?

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