Challenge Track: day 1

I’m not so great at the keeping of new year resolutions. They seem to be the same each year and don’t seem to last very long.

This year, it’s not quite a resolution but I’ve signed up to a challenge. The challenge is to do 100 miles in 100 days, this can be done through walking, running, any way you choose or are able. The aim is to raise money for the epilepsy society, they chose this challenge because 1 in 100 people are diagnosed with epilepsy. 1 of those being me!

Because of the epilepsy I can’t drive anyway so I’m often walking. I made the choice to make sure that my miles would be above/beyond the ‘normal’ miles. Unfortunately 2023 has started with a bad back, so although I managed to walk to church this morning I couldn’t manage an extended walk back. So I’m going to record daily miles, but only excess miles on those days when I can (if that makes sense). Essentially I’m going to try to do as many miles as possible in the next 100 days as possible.

I will be writing a blog each week to share how many miles I’ve accomplished, where I’ve been, and how I’m finding it. If you would like to support me with this challenge please feel free to visit this page…

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