Wednesday Wonders: Together Time

I was really struggling to decide what to wonder about this evening (partly when I suddenly remembered it was a Wednesday). There’s a very clear thing that I would like to write about but until I know the ins and outs I can’t really, but believe me I am still wondering!

SO… over the last week we’ve had Christmas. For me, Christmas is all about the celebration of the birth of Jesus, light entering the world. However, I also recognise how much I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with people, whether that’s eating meals with families, playing games, or going along to services and worshipping alongside others.

As well as enjoying the opportunity I’ve recognised the importance of being able to share that time with them. There are so many people who do not have such an opportunity and will have spent days alone.

I hope that you have been able to spend time with others, and be blessed by their company. I also hope that you will be aware of those who do not have such blessings, so we can be a blessing to them in some way.

I’ll be more prepared next week – I promise – hopefully!

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