Wednesday Wonders: Rest

When playing music the rest plays an important part. It punctuates the tune, in the middle of lots of notes being played there are periods of silence. Sometimes this may be short points, but sometimes much longer. More importantly the rest needs to be counted, it has purposefully been placed to have an impact on the tune. It’s easy to just hold on to the note, but it’s necessary to ‘play’ the rest.

Do we make the space to play the rests in our lives? I’ve just got back from a few days away, life had been getting slightly crazy for me and I had been struggling, as much as my life isn’t ‘normal’ at the moment, the life I have had been causing me stress. So I was grateful to take a rest, as always my time at home meant catching up with family and friends but it was a punctuation in my ‘usual’ life.

I played the rest.

This is where we’re going to have a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. We can’t always know when we are going to need to play the rest and there may well be times when we suddenly realise we are overwhelmed by the noise of life. BUT we may be aware of what our limitations are (that’s not the right word but hopefully you’ll know what I mean) and therefore we can plan our rests, we will also know what rests can be good. It may be a day of going somewhere or doing something different, it may be a week or more of going away from it all to somewhere completely different.

No piece of music is the same or has the same pattern of rests. However the rests will always punctuate a piece and play a very important part in the final composition.

Be mindful of the tune of your life. Play the rests where you need to. Play the rests that you need to.

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