I get knocked down and I get up again!!!!

I still remember the first time I went bowling. I’d gone out for a bike ride in the morning, on the way back my dad shouted for me to get off my bike before crossing a bridge. I didn’t listen to my dad, I fell off my bike into Hatchford Brook. I ended up with plasters all over me and I was unable to actually bowl when we went to the bowling centre. I had to sit and watch everyone else playing and having fun. I was not impressed – mainly with myself – but still.

That was not the last time I went bowling, I’ve been many times since and I actually went this afternoon with the husband. We played three games and he won two, but I’m sure that won’t stop me again.

To be able to play bowling when the pins are knocked over they NEED to be lifted back up again. It is literally impossible for the game to continue if the knocked down pins are not lifted back up. What an incredible metaphor for us, and an opportunity for me to reference a classic late 90’s hit!

So, we are always going to have times when we get knocked down, but the important thing is to get back up again. However, this isn’t always easy and will often look different. The pins will probably be put in different positions but that doesn’t stop the game from going ahead.

In todays game after one of my go’s the machine didn’t work and the husband had to wait for everything to be re-set but after some time, and some help from the staff the pins were up again and the husband could continue.

So… in the words of Chumbawumba

I get knocked down but I get up again there ain’t nothing gonna keep me down

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