Wednesday Wonders: Holding Tight

I actually have a bump on my middle finger of my right hand – why? – because I hold my pen so tightly. I also don’t hold my pen correctly – but I hold it and I can write so I don’t mind! I’ve recently started to crochet, and I was instructed to hold the needle like a pen. Therefore I hold the needle quite tightly, but again it works – so does it matter?

The problem with holding on to the needle so tightly can be that it’s quite difficult to bring stitches through to develop the pattern; similarly with cross stitch it can be difficult to undo mistakes if they are too tight. Holding a pen too tight, as well as making a dent in my finger, has always made me quite a slow writer.

I have TRIED to hold things differently, to change my grip, but I’ve never managed it. So… I need to work with what I have and I need to be able to let go of the grip.

In life generally I have a tendency to hold onto things tightly and I struggle to let go. Over the last year I’ve learnt the importance and the impact of letting go of things. However, there are also things that we need to hold on to, and this helps us through the tough times.

I think it’s a matter of holding on, but knowing sometimes it’s necessary to loosen up or even to let go. We don’t want things to permanently indent our lives like my finger has been indented by my pen!

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