Wednesday Wonders: is it ever the end?

This may seem like quite a morbid title but that is definitely not my intention! Over the last few months I have been receiving some therapy and earlier in the week I came to the end of my sessions. But was it the end?

I may have stopped going for face to face sessions but the therapy is still ongoing. I have learned a lot about myself and it is affecting me on a day to day basis; we’ve also put things in to place to help me deal with situations in the future.

It felt rather surreal as I was travelling home from my appointment but now I just see that as a necessary part of the journey to help me move forward with more confidence and feeling more comfortable with me.

When we come to the end of our time in education, it’s not the end it’s a step on to the next part.

If we come to the end of a road we don’t find a whole load of people still standing there, people may turn around and head back or they may know of a footpath to take them elsewhere.

We may reach the end of certain things but I don’t think it’s THE END it’s just a step to the next section all you need to do is take that step!

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