Wednesday Wonders: destination vs purpose

At the weekend the husband had the day off we knew that we wanted to do something but we weren’t entirely sure what. The husband came up with the suggestion of going for a walk which would end up in a village pub; it turned out to be a 90 minute walk and a lovely meal (possibly with a couple of pints).

When I spoke to my mum afterwards she asked why we had walked over there; my response was “why not?”. The husband however said he felt better knowing that we were heading to a specific place, that there was a destination.

Do we have to have a purpose for doing things?

Do we always need to have a destination?

I definitely don’t think we need to have both of these; different people will prefer to have to have one or the other; I think it’s definitely better to have at least a destination or a purpose but sometimes it may just be because…

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