Wednesday Wonders: try again

Last night I went for a ‘run’ – I’m using that term very loosely as I’m sure anyone who saw me would agree! But hey I’m using the app and yesterday was the 7th ‘run’.

I struggled. Not only were the ‘running’ sections very slow but I didn’t even manage to complete one of the running sections either.

Fortunately the next run is the same as yesterday so hopefully I will be able to complete it all this time. Before I knew that that was the case I’d got myself in a bit of a state – was I going to just move on to the next stage, or did I want to repeat the run to make sure I had completed it?

I’m someone who likes to complete things properly; but I’m also someone who doesn’t like to get out of a set routine – could I do week 3 run 1 twice? So what will I do in the future? I think I’d prefer to make sure I’ve done each the stages properly – there’s a reason for it! Hopefully I’ll manage the ‘run’ tomorrow so I can move on next time!

I’ll keep you posted

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