Wednesday Wonders: Determination

Yesterday both the husband and E said that they appreciated and recognised the determination in me. I’m not sure that this was a characteristic I considered of myself so why do others see it?

Yesterday I woke up hurting and tired after having had a seizure the night before. Yet I did over 13000 steps during the day yesterday ending in a session of couch to 5K. I think this is what led to the acknowledgement of determination. I have started certain apps recently; I appreciate the acknowledgement of my achievements, love smiley face, and therefore I want to continue! it was difficult yesterday and would have been so much easier to stay at home.

When I looked up the definition, as I like to do, this is what I discovered…

possessing or displaying resolve. “Helen was a determined little girl”

Linking it back to the picture I definitely think it is linked with keeping your eyes fixed on what you want to achieve, and allowing that to drive you on a day to day basis.

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