Wednesday Wonders: Milestones

Last weekend I was at a 50th birthday celebration; this weekend I’ll be at a 30th birthday celebration. A few weeks ago there were numerous photos of children finishing school years, and especially those who were finishing schools, and of course university graduations.

We will often take extra time and effort to commemorate birthdays with a 0 (after 18 that is), similarly with wedding anniversaries.

There are other things that we commemorate, that we consider to be milestones. Birth, leaving school, learning to drive, marriage/relationships, first home and others that I honestly can’t think of at the moment.

Why is this?

Why do we commemorate and celebrate certain things, as opposed to recognising the joy of each day and how fortunate we are to experience it? By having certain milestones it can bring about negative feelings for people if they haven’t achieved everything that they feel might be expected of them or even if they don’t reach some milestones in the first place.

I’m not sure where this is leading, but I guess if I’m wondering it doesn’t really need to?

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