Wednesday Wonders: Making the time

This morning the husband and I went out for a lovely brunch. It was so nice; not just the meal but the time spent with the husband as well. Over recent weeks, as part of a therapy I’ve been taking part in, I’ve been considering how I have been spending my time and how it makes me feel. My conclusion has been that when I have spent time with people I have generally felt better. Therefore I am wondering about the importance of making time to spend time with other people.

Why is it so difficult to make time to spend time with others? I think there are a number of factors; if we are at work then although we are with people we may not actually be able to spend time with them, or it may not be a positive relationship; if we’re not at work then it is incredibly easy to stay at home and bury ourselves in our own lives; in our families even though we may seem to spend a lot of time with each other – are we actually?

What was so different about brunch with the husband this morning? We were sat at a table; there wasn’t a TV on; we were actually in a conversation with each other. I was able to share what had been going on with me and listen to him as well.

It’s so easy to get caught up with everything else and what we need to do that we can forget to make time for others. However I think that if we try to regularly make time to spend with others then we will feel better and others will as well.

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