Wednesday Wonders: Community

I’ve been wondering all day what to blog about today, and then this has been on my mind so I decided to think about community.

Over the last weekend there has been a bit of a focus on a certain platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 years since Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. I think one of the things that really amazed me at all of the occasions was the vast amount of people that were there. This was reflected around the country with the street parties and various other things. Why was this happening? People were coming together for one purpose, to celebrate the queen.

This, to me, was a demonstration of community (as well as a celebration).

Community can be demonstrated in so many different ways, it may be something that comes out of an organisation such as scouts or guides; locality; sharing interests; faith groups; and I know in the town where we live the LGBTQ+ community will be coming together and celebrating this weekend. Communities may also just form and not necessarily with an identity but clearly a community anyway.

No matter how a community comes together I am a believer that community is SO important a group that comes together in the good and the bad and the meh (this was autocorrected to men!!!!!! Good job I looked).

The reason I chose the photo above to support this blog is because I think it demonstrates another thing that often happens within communities, the bringing together of the ages.

I don’t know what communities you are a part of but I hope you make the most of them, benefit from them, but remember that you are a part of that community as well.

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