Wednesday Wonders: 3 years – gone but definitely not forgotten

As I write I cannot believe that it has been 3 years since my dad was taken from us. This photo picks up many of his characteristics – the formalities of mine and Gav’s wedding were over so the tie and jacket were off, he wouldn’t smile so let’s pull a face instead! He really wasn’t one for formalities, but would always do what he needed to do when he needed to do it; and when I ask people what they remember of dad it is often his cheeky sense of humour.

What does dad bring to me? A man who worked hard, who gave everything to the things he loved, who was stopped far too early (and I’m not just talking about 3 years ago). Dad was also a quiet man, (those who know me may not believe we’re a quiet family) but we knew that he loved us through his actions.

I am reminded of dad frequently and I see more and more the impact he has had on my life, which I may not have appreciated previously. I know I’ll be reminded of him today as we go to the Church where he and mum took me from a baby and where we celebrated his life; but also as we go for a walk at one of his favourite spots.

I love you dad, I thank for the impact you had on me, and I miss you – I could really do with a chat at the mo!

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