Wednesday Wonders: Memory

What is memory to you?

So many different images came up when I searched, that it seemed easier to go with the word!

A certain social media platform shares memories with you; unfortunately this means you might be reminded of when you were having a particularly bad day or it might even be something you can remember at all. Over the last week I’ve been receiving lots of memories about our nephew as it was his birthday.

I overheard someone talking today about how music can be really powerful for them and reminds them of happier times. I think that’s the powerful thing about memories, we experience things in different ways in the first place that our memories will be different. My memories of family holidays are going to be different to those of my brother and my mum, and those my dad had – even though we were in the same place at the same time.

I’ve never been any good at keeping a diary, and I’m not sure how beneficial it would be? I love reminiscing and sharing stories with my friends and family – whether they’re willing to listen or not! If something reminds me of something else I will often share it, and I love listening to the memories of others as well.

We all experience memory differently but it is something that we can all benefit and learn from whether our own or someone else’s.

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