Building bricks

For my 40th I was given a Friends lego set. I eventually opened the box and completed the set last week. 7 plastic bags full of loads of different bricks and I was slightly concerned- after all it has been a rather long time since I have done lego.

There were 6 separate sections to complete and I was amazed with each one. How all of these individual bricks could come together to create a part of a ‘cafe’. After about 7 hours the model was complete. I had a model cafe that was recognisable as “Central Perk” the cafe from friends if you didn’t know!

All of the bricks were essential, they may have seemed meaningless on their own, but together they created a recognisable feature and were all necessary.

How many times have you felt that you, or something you are doing is meaningless? Everything you do is a building brick in your life. You are a building brick in the lives of others and in the world as a whole. This is very much a reminder for me at the moment but I hope it may encourage others as well!

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