Wednesday Wonders: lemur “adventure”

For about 29 years of my life one of the sentences I have said the most has begun with “I had a seizure and…”. I’ve got a bit fed up with it and some people a couple of weeks ago suggested I have a bit of fun, so with some help from some friends you’re going to hear what really happened 4.5 weeks ago and why I ended up in hospital – this time!

We’d gone for a day out to a Wild Animal Park – always guaranteed to be a great day out. I always enjoy seeing the different animals, and learning about them. I find it fascinating to see the similarities, the differences, what they need to live and be comfortable, and how they respond to humans.

So, they we were walking through with Lemurs, watching them climbing and jumping around; next thing I know there’s one on my shoulder – I knew I shouldn’t have worn my green and brown jacket – and it’s fiddling with my mass of curly hair. OUCH! The Lemur has jumped off and run away, but the top of my ear is hanging off and there’s a lot of blood!

Not sure that’s the experience other people were expecting when they went for a day out to Animal Park! You never know what to expect from the Wild Animals but you normally expect to leave as you arrived in the first Place!

So I told my ear injury was the result of a seizure… was that the truth? And what about all of the other supposedly seizure related injuries?

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