Healing; patience and time

I think I can safely say that patience is not my strong point. I really struggle with the virtue of patience in all sorts of different ways. Possibly with injuries and illnesses I am worst – wanting to get better and be able to do things normally again. So you can imagine what I was like when I fractured my arm as a child and was in hospital lying on my back with my arm in the air for 6 weeks!

It was 4 weeks ago that I ripped my ear and this photo shows the difference that has happened over those 4 weeks. It’s when you look back that you realise the improvement; the healing that has taken over time. There is absolutely no way that that could have happened in a few days and I still have to wait more! Apparently, the stitches could take 6 weeks to come out – and I’m on week 4!

We all go through experiences when we want to heal; it’s important to remember that most of the time healing will only be able to take place with patience and time. Now for me to remember this and to stop asking the husband to chop off the ear.

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