Wednesday Wonders: Holding on to the Handle

Yesterday we went for a coffee when my latte and the husband’s hot chocolate arrived there was no handle on the mug. I have to admit we were both taken aback at first. Why? Well the handle is what you hold on to. With a mug it will prevent you holding on to a hot mug, but I know I also find a handle helpful when using steps – both up and down.

It is possible to drink from a mug and use steps without a handle however for many the handle provides necessary support. I know that I couldn’t hold on to the mug for too long when I started my drink because it was so hot. I also now that if a handle is possible I will use it when using steps or stairs.

There will be people and things that supply support for us. Like handles, we can survive without them but feel strengthened and more stable with them.

However, I’ve been watching the Pottery competition on TV. The contestants have made a number of things which require handles, those handles need to be attached/joined very carefully so that it won’t come off during the firing, and will connect so that it can be used.

Once we’ve recognised what or who the handles in our life are, we need to take care of them so that can withstand the fires in life and continue to support.

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