Wednesday Wonders: Storms and Shelter

Over the last week we’ve been joined by storms in the UK. This has meant that many people have taken shelter as it would be safer to be inside than out. I always feel sorry for the news reporters who are out on the coastline telling us not to go out unless we really have to whilst they’re trying not to be blown away. Have you noticed they are always unknown news reporters?

When we face practical storms we tend to stay in the shelter or find a place of shelter, there are people who purposefully chase storms as well as those who are ready to rescue when needed but they tend to be prepared and protected. It is the same in our metaphorical storms of life, we can find ourselves hiding away, we may have places of shelter, or there may be people you call on.

The only one who knows how to deal with your storms is you. The important thing to remember is that they pass, and there’s no need to chase them as, unfortunately, they’re likely to turn up anyway! Also, if you’re having a sunny time, it’s worth looking out for those facing storms and offer support if possible.

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