Wednesday Wonders: Detangling

I have a lot of similarities with my mum; in fact last time she was visiting numerous pointed out how they could tell she was my mum. However, the big difference is the hair, I have A LOT of it, mum not so much!

I do like my hair but it can become problematic and last night my husband had the unenviable task of detangling a rather ‘magnificent’ knot that had developed at the back of my head.

It was quite a lengthy process; painful at times; but also a necessity. I’d known the knot was there but I’d ignored it because I knew what the process was going to be; I couldn’t see it and knew it was hidden by the rest of the hair so why worry?

I also experience tangles when completing tapestries. Again it takes time and care to complete the detangling but once the knot is gone it’s easier to carry on.

I’m sure everyone experiences tangles of some description whether physical or metaphorical; they can cause problems and can often be ignored but by dealing with the problem carefully you can move on with whatever has been tangled!

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