Wednesday Wonders: Freedom of Falling

When I was young we cycled a lot. When we were cycling back from Elmdon park we were always told to get off our bikes when we got to the bridge that went over the brook. Most of the time I did but there was this one occasion when we had gone with my dad (who didn’t cycle) he was shouting behind us “don’t forget to get off your bike”; I, of course, knew better so I just continued and ended up in the brook. I had cuts and grazes all over me; ended up with Elastoplast everywhere; and ended up having to watch the family ten pin bowling later in the day.

Falls often come from risks being taken; not following direction; doing something different; or something getting in the way.

Yesterday I saw a piece of artwork with Alice in Wonderland on and the words “If Alice hadn’t fallen down the hole she wouldn’t have had the adventures”.

This got me thinking and also got me slightly excitable! We often associate falling with negativity however both physically and metaphorically falls will often come from some adventure but may also lead to things that we weren’t expecting or ready for.

Cycling into the brook is one of many falls I have had in my life. Often there is an initial time of shock but will also lead to a period of learning or excitement. I have never cycled over that bridge again. I know that if I ever do Judo again I need to keep my arm from underneath my body. When we fail at daily events in our lives it helps us discover how we can move forward and develop.

The reason I especially loved this picture of Alice in Wonderland is because at the moment I feel like I’m falling metaphorically and through a rabbit hole type experience but this might be a necessity to reach the adventures that I’m heading towards. There might be some scratches and grazes on the way but they might just be essentials to help with the learning and experience!

Happy falling and adventures!

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