Wednesday Wonders: Safe Space?

I’m at a point in my life at the moment where I feel like I’m in a space, surrounded by blank areas; not knowing where I’m supposed to be going; not even sure if there is a final destination. It’s beautiful but it’s confusing.

I guess it’s been worn out by what my life has been so far; so there is some similarity surrounding me in my blank space but in terms of where it is aiming I DON’T KNOW.

We often seem to focus on where we are heading as opposed to what has got us to that space in time in the first place. The picture above shows a shore line which is also a large space that has been worn away over the years. It is a result of water, people, wind, all sorts and it will be continuing on that journey.

I’m not sure what the next stop is for me. I could stay where I am and take a deep look around, learn more about what has happened and made the space I’m in now. I could make a pathway to move forward but that would also involve thinking about where that path will head.

I think at the moment I’m going to continue taking each day as it comes as that is where I feel safest at the moment.

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