Wednesday Wonders: New Beginning

As we begin the new year of 2022 are there new things we are considering? Healthy lifestyle; change of diet; routine; new things to read… just as a few suggestions. I was watching something the other day which made the suggestion that New Years Resolutions should be positive rather than negative. For example choosing to eat healthily or do exercise rather than losing a certain amount of weight.

In 2022 I haven’t specifically set any resolutions and I think this is because I’m still in a place of uncertainty and confusion, which means I’m not sure of where I’m heading or what the route will be. I find it difficult to plan what the new beginning can be when I’m so unsure of the current situation.

I think it’s important for us to take new beginnings and for us to really think about what we will do with those. Are there things that we need to leave behind; things that we need to forget; things that have come to an end and need to start again.

As we start 2022 what are you leaving and what are you starting?

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