Journey Journal: Entry 3

The journey continues for the Magi and it continues alongside our life story. Here they are alongside a wedding photo with the husbands grandparents but they are also on a drum that I got on a visit to Ivory Coast.

The drum came first and is acting as a base in this picture. What is the purpose of drums? They give us rhythm; a beat to walk to. Regular readers will know that I like listening to music but you may not appreciate how I like a beat. As I picture the Magi walking along following the star I picture them on camels and those camels travelling along to a beat in the desert.

What would you say makes the beat for you as you walk along? How can you encourage the rhythm?

The Magi are passing in front of one of our wedding photos where we are with the grandparents. I love this photo as, not only is it a wedding photo, but it’s with three people who had a huge impact on the husbands life growing up and who also welcomed me into the family when we got together.

It’s important to have other people who support you; guide you; lead you on your journeys through life. Who plays that part for you; how do you play that part for others?

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