Journey Journal: Entry 2

The Magi have been continuing with their journey and are currently resting on a music system with a ‘thinker’. I don’t know about you but when I’m walking or working or sleeping I like to have music on. I find music to be an important part of my life. I enjoy playing it as well as listening to it. I find the words beneficial and the rhythm/tunes helpful as an aid when I’m focussing on other things.

There has probably been music of some description in the world since there have been humans. It brings people together; and for all we know was something that the magi used to keep them entertained on their long journey. Many people also find music an essential part of their worship – I know I feel the importance of it both in playing and singing and, in fact, listening!

In the picture above we can see the Magi resting with a thinking man. As we go on our own journeys it is important that we seek guidance and support from others. We may not always know them but we need to try not to stand back.

As we continue alongside the journey of the Magi… who and what will you seek support from?

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