Wednesday Wonders: Family

As I write this mum and Merlin are heading back after a post-Christmas visit. They came down on Boxing Day. The husband was working on Christmas Day so I didn’t spend the day with family but was blessed to be able to spend the day with friends.

BUT what do we consider to be family?

Is it just relatives? I would hasten to argue No!

I may not have been with anyone I am related to for Christmas dinner but I was in a place a felt welcome with people I know and love. Is that not family?

Of course my relatives are family, and I’m missing my mum already. However, there are other people who I would consider to be family as well. Those who I feel I can share my concerns with; those who look out for me and who I try to look out for.

For me we all belong to a family; but family is also about a sense of belonging. Sometimes that requires us to spot people who don’t feel they belong and help them feel like they do. This might be through a kind word, a note on social media or through the door, an invitation.

God bless you all at this time

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