Wednesday Wonders: Expectations

As we go back to the first ever Christmas, when Jesus was born, expectation was a part of it. At Christmas today we may have an expectation of what is facing us as we open our presents; what should be there at the Christmas dinner table; what should be a part of the ‘Christmas special on TV’.

Back in the day; there was an expectation of a saviour being sent to earth by God.

The problem with expectations is that we can so easily be disappointed, or let down if our expectations are not met. The Jewish people were expecting a King and instead they got a baby in a manger. I’m sure there will be many people who politely say thank you for the gift they open on Christmas.

Maybe we shouldn’t expect anything and then we will be grateful for anything we do receive, or do, or see. Similarly as we approach 2022 don’t necessarily have expectations for the year ahead but be grateful for the experiences you have.

Have blessed Christmas one and all.

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