Wednesday Wonders: Purpose

Why do we do things? Does there need to be a reason? Does there need to be a purpose?

I’m not sure there always does but when there is it can make a difference.

Two Sundays ago I was playing keyboard and singing at Church; once I had led the songs I went back to the husband and I was physically shaking – that is no exaggeration. I had felt the shaking during the playing and had also heard it in my voice.

After the service I spoke to a friend who is a member of our congregation and who sings professionally to see if he could give me some advice. Originally he said ‘just tell people you’re singing vibrato! But then he reminded me of something very important… in that setting I’m not performing for an audience but am worshipping.

That idea had been challenging me all week and this week I had a completely different mindset; this meant I was playing differently and worshipping not worrying or performing.

I don’t think that we have an overall purpose for our lives. That wouldn’t make a huge amount of sense with the amount of change that occurs. However, if we think about the purpose of the small things in our day to day lives then the way we approach them might change as will the result.

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