Wednesday Wonders: Water

I’ve never really been much use at gardening, growing things or keeping plants alive. My mum is great at this, and recently I was having a meal with her and some of her friends where she was explaining about the different needs of the plants in terms of water. Water is an amazing thing, it brings life, it helps things grow, it helps keep things clean, it can offer direction when people are walking, it can be so much fun when swimming or sailing etc. If it wasn’t for water we wouldn’t get rainbows.


There aren’t many people who enjoy rain, if you don’t know how to swim then large areas of water can be incredibly dangerous, water has been known to cause awful damage to people’s homes and businesses, and the mixture of rain and wind can be awful to walk in but I also believe it is not great to drive in either.

After listening to what my mum was saying a couple of weeks ago, I have seen a few programmes which have featured rivers, lakes, waterfalls – water in all sorts actually – and this got me wondering.

There is no doubt that water is essential in our lives and it is so powerful. Water also is likely to play more of a part in our lives than we realise. We will often look at sources of water to see what the weather is up to, whether that be puddles, garden ponds, rivers, the sea. Is it calm or is it splashing all over the place? Water may also define our activities for the day, going out, staying home, going for a walk or going to the library.

Water is a central part to the existence and development of the world and humanity. We possibly don’t give it it’s due… until we’re thirsty and need a drink.

Are there other things in your life that play an essential part but are almost invisible? Do you need to show more recognition to them or for them? How can you do that?

Just wondering!

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