Wednesday wonders: Safe Space

What does safety mean for you?

Over the next few weeks/months I will be hibernating in the evenings as much as possible to avoid fireworks, cycle lights, and Christmas lights – non of which are great for photosensitive epilepsy. So safety for me will be in the house. This is obviously an example of a very specific physically safe space. On the news this morning they were at a hospital talking about a safe space that had been created at this hospital known as ‘the wobble room’ as an area for staff to go to if they are overwhelmed by work. However…

I’m not just thinking about physical spaces as Safety. Over the last few days I’ve had the opportunity to meet up with or talk with some amazing women who are incredibly wise and part of my life. By knowing that I have these women to talk to; when things are a bit on the wobbly side i feel that I am safe and that can call for safety.

If completely honest, my problem is that I don’t always press that safety button. I hide away, thinking I can just do it on my own, this often leads to awful results when actually all I needed to do was send a text, or make a phone call. I imagine it was probably similar for the hospital staff, that they might not have realised that they needed to go to the wobble room, carried on with their work and may have got completely overwhelmed when they could have just taken time out.

Do you know your safe space or people who make you feel safe?

Do you use your safety resources if you need to?

I’m not sure about you but these are definitely things I need to work on!

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