Wednesday Wonders: what is it? What am I?

Yesterday I was in my usual process of having a text message conversation when I wrote ‘thing (I can’t think what it’s called)’ about an hour later I messaged saying ‘placement – that’s what it’s called’ to which I got the response ‘that is what it’s called’.

Unfortunately this is not a new occurrence for me. On a daily basis I will be mid conversation and I will not know the word I need to use, so I will have to start explaining to the person. This is usually during speaking not in text, because with text if I can’t think of the word I will wait until I can before sending it!

It’s not just forgetting words… another daily occurrence is being mid conversation and losing my place, being unsure of what I was supposed to be saying. I got really nervous the other day as I was leading a service at Church and was worried in case I lost my place or forgot words but fortunately that was not the case.

It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to count this as who I am. Yesterday I watched GBBO and one of the contestants said she had no finesse but the judges pretty much told her off and said she could have finesse. She had persuaded herself that finesse wasn’t part of who she was and built that into the beginning of the challenges saying ‘well this one needs finesse so I’ll struggle’. But that is not the case.

Do I need to learn from this? I think it is part of who I am at the moment but I can’t let it rule what I decide to do, or stop me from doing things. No one else notices, or makes a fuss anyway so why should I?

Easier said/written than done!

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