Wednesday wonders: All change

I love the autumn colours, they are so vibrant and so varied. We know that the trees are preparing themselves for winter which is why the trees are changing colour and losing leaves.

In this natural season of change what change are you preparing for and how are you preparing? I hate to mention it but yes we may be preparing for Christmas but what does that look like for you? Are there other changes occurring?

I know in our household there are a number of changes; the husband is starting an apprenticeship so is back to study again and I’m starting to consider some voluntary tasks and working out how to spend my days. It’s a very different household but we’re enjoying the change in the same way we enjoy the change of the autumn leaves.

Also in our household we will be approaching for Christmas by getting the tree; nativity and decorations out. Presents will be wrapped and cards written. I imagine there will be a grocery delivery as well even though we won’t be eating Christmas lunch at home!

Whilst writing this I have heard a few adverts talking about changes that people are making in the way they are living their love in order to make change in the world and the way in which the world is developing.

Change happens in all of our lives but we need to ready and willing to accept it and move with it.

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