Wednesday wonders: Community

All of us are part of a community, probably even more than one community. What does being part of a community lead to? Being able to share things that you all enjoy, talk about interests, learn things. The definition is ‘having certain things in common’ it might be about where you live or activities you do.

Growing up I was in a number of different communities including family, church, school, dancing, swimming… for each of the different communities I was with different people and different things were expected of me.

What I found though was that those communities, collectively made me who I am. I probably didn’t realise it then t now I look back and I can see the impact they’ve had on me and how communities impact others.

Communities help us to feel a part of something, and because it’s something we share it really does help us to build our sense of identity. As well as being parts of communities ourselves sometimes it’s important for us to help people to feel part of a community themselves.

What communities are you part of now? Do you need to be part of more? Do you need to invite people to join your communities?

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