Wednesday wonders: Walk the walk

Is there someone you look up to? I don’t mean physically, I guess I mean morally, or spiritually.

I have been reminded numerous times recently that within Christianity there is a firm belief that we are individual, but that we are known for who we are. I have also been reminded that it’s not about following a load of rules but it’s about being a relationship.

Through being in that relationship, and allowing it to be lived out in our lives our walk changes and often that is what people recognise and wonder what is happening in our lives. We may be asked why we are choosing to walk differently to others.

As mentioned in previous Wednesday wonders, those journeys will often not be on a ur own, but often it is our walk that people will see and therefore the question we need to ask ourselves is “what walk are we walking?” And we need to make sure it’s a walk that represents who we are and what we represent.

Keep on walking that journey

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