Wednesday Wonders: all change please…

This week the husband has started a new apprenticeship, that is one of a number of changes that are taking place at the moment.

How do you feel about change?

Many people find the concept of change scary, whether it’s a change in lifestyle or a change in theme tune. However, as the picture above shows, change is sometimes necessary.

If being particularly picky then you would point out that we are changing constantly as we breathe, as our skin replaces itself, and as we gain information. Does it make it easier to face change if we accept that change is sometimes necessary and that is happening constantly anyway?

I’m not sure if it necessarily makes it easier to face, but I think it helps us to make the changes and gives the necessary support. We see change all around us in the natural world which would suggest it’s meant to be a part of life and we should just accept it and move with it.

So as the husband and I both move into a time of change it’s important to remember that change is part of life, it can be scary but it leads to something new and becomes part of our story – personally I find that quite exciting.

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