Wednesday wonders: what do you sea?

Each Wednesday I am going to be starting a specific blog post ‘Wednesday wonders’ I will still be writing other blogs but want to try and get a specific routine.

Last week we went to Deal, a favourite seaside town near us. We walked along the seafront and ate our lunch overlooking the sea.

The husband pointed out that there is something quite relaxing about the sea but we couldn’t work out exactly what it is. maybe it’s the waves going in and out; maybe it’s the vast expanse; maybe the way it joins the clouds; maybe just that it’s something different; or something else. Whatever the reason, most people I know find the seaside relaxing. My dad always loved overlooking the cliffs of Dover and if my mum ever went on a ferry she would favour going on the deck for the full experience.

We are very lucky with where we live and that we are able to get to the seaside so easily. We know that we find the seaside relaxing I guess the challenge is to make sure we go as frequently as we can.

What is it that makes you feel relaxed? Do you know what it is about that thing that makes you feel relaxed? Is that point of relaxation your first port of call when you need it?

I know that I can’t go to the sea every time I feel stressed but at least I know that is one place that helps me relax and I know of other things as well. I’m not always the greatest at using them but I’m getting better.

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