Who are ya?

I am in the process of completing this cross stitch that I was given as a birthday present. Just after I had started it I was watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Whilst I was watching there was a flag bearer who was wearing a gold sequin face mask. The commentators made a big deal about this because they said it made sense that she was going to the games with the mind-set of “I’m aiming to win Gold”. What’s the point of going for bronze? Yes the participation is important but there is always an aim for a Gold medal!

I then looked at my cross stitch. Do I need to have a different idea of who I am and what controls me? Do I need to have a different focus? I’m not sure of the answers but I think it’s something that is going to be on my mind in coming months.

Then when I went to Church this morning my friend was speaking on John 6:1-21 which is the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and then walking on water. We were reminded that as Jesus was walking on water towards his disciples he said “do not be afraid it is me”. Yes the disciples are in a storm but they are also aware that have a miracle worker with them.

I feel I’m in a storm at the moment if completely honest. After Church this morning I was reminded I’m not in that storm on my own. THAT is part of who I am – believing that I’m not on my own, yes there will be times when I’m in storms but I can make it through. When I get through the storm I might be a different version of me but I’m still me and still not walking alone.

I think it’s important to have an equivalent of a gold face mask but we can’t let it take over. It can be a symbol for encouragement but essentially we need to be who we are, walking the journey we are on, changing as we need to and accepting it as it comes.

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