I can’t imagine that there is anyone who has never lost something. Maybe keys, an item of clothing, a ticket, the remote, and many more. What do we do when we have lost something? We look in various places, retrace our steps, lift up things, and probably ask other people.

How about when we feel lost ourselves? Again I imagine this something that most people have experienced.

Our actions will probably depend upon the cause of the loss in the first place. Is it relationships? Family? Work? Religion?

No matter what the cause of loss I think one thing that is essential is faith, faith that whatever has been lost will be found, or that something new can take the place. That is incredibly easier said than done. So how can it be done? I find that this is where other people come in. By talking things through there are paths that are found, it may take a number of walks down different paths which leads to tiredness, exhaustion and possibly even anxiety but one of those may lead to a place of comfort, belonging, clarity.

We all experience loss off some description, we need to make a decision about choosing to find, but I’m sure it is easier if we also choose to ask for help with the search.

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