Dad and Gav

The end of May and beginning of June is now such a time of juxtaposition for me. My birthday on the 31st May and then today (1st June) is the anniversary of dad leaving us.

Yesterday I celebrated my 40th birthday, and I was so pleased that I was able to celebrate with friends and especially happy that mum was able to come down from Birmingham. However there was a notable loss – dad sitting in his chair under a tree being visited by friends and, I imagine, causing trouble of some description and telling stories of me as a child and most definitely being sarcastic!

Today marks two years since dad left us, there’s part of me thinking it seems longer, but also part of me that thinks it seems no time at all. The simplest things remind me of him and the relationship we had.

White cliffs of Dover

Since mum came down we made sure we went to the white cliffs of dover which was dads favourite spot, especially sitting on the edge watching the ships come in. Then yesterday the husband did a speech saying we were like ships always coming in to safety. Life is strange, we never really know what’s going to happen. Yes, dad has left us physically but he will always be a part of my life and there will always be memories and reminders.

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