Eye of a storm

Yesterday I essentially got blown down to the bus station as the winds were so high. However, once I got to work, and was in my room although I could hear the wind blowing outside I was safe indoors. The eye of a storm is the centre of something like a cyclone, with crazy weather around it, but actually clear itself.

About three weeks ago I felt I was in a storm myself. In the space of 9 days I was crying at some point for 7 of them. I was ignoring close friends, and allowing things to get on top of me, and to be overwhelmed. One day I went for a walk with the husband we were talking. By speaking to him about what had been going on, but more importantly how I had been feeling, we were able to decipher what might help.

I’m someone who needs people even if sometimes it is just a “hello” as I also enjoy being alone! Must be very confusing for others. New situations at work mean I’m hidden away but also that everyone is running around; so to actually see anyone either to say hello or to spend time is difficult. However, for me to recognise that that wasn’t helping me, has, in itself, helped.

At the moment we don’t know what the weather is doing minute to minute let alone day to day; but we can be prepared for all conditions. I didn’t have a clue what was going on with me a few weeks ago. I couldn’t control the tears, and the way I was responding, but now I feel that when I’m in a storm-type scenario I can get to the eye. Knowing the storms are always going to be there but it is possible to move to safer ground.

(Apologies for any meteorological errors in the metaphor!)

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