Changing quickly

Yesterday was the first time I had left the house since I was dropped off back from Church last Sunday. We’ve had snow and ice all week, the husband has been working strange shifts, so I would have had to go for a walk alone. I’ve been rather twitchy, and I figured twitchiness and ice was not a great combination.

Yesterday it was still white when you opened the window but the husband was available so we went for a walk. There was one slip but I kept standing. However, I would not have felt confident walking on my own. And we had to keep going from road to pavement to other pavement – it was rather complex – and that was considerably better than earlier in the week.

Today we opened the curtains and the paths were clear and the only remainder of snow was what was left of models – an example of which you can see above. We went to bed surrounded by snow and woke up to green grass and clear paths – the change was rapid and was an effect of the change in the weather.

I went for a walk again today to the other side of town to get my first vaccination jab. I was wearing completely different clothes – no need for hat and gloves; and just walking perfectly happily on the paths not worrying about whether I was going to slip.

Things can change so quickly but we can learn from the snow statues. They stayed, and are taking longer to go because more has been put into them, they have grown, they have left an impact. Are there elements of you and your personality that you think will leave an impact when other things around might change? Are there things you want to build on so that they will make an impact? Is there a change you think needs to be made quickly and how can you be a part of that?

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