This morning I heard someone say this phrase referring to lockdown and, I think pandemic life, in general.

“We’re not living, we’re existing”

I admit that this made me quite angry. There was talk prior to this about how they would never turn down an invite to a meal or a party ever again, but then said this phrase. Why did it make me so angry? Well because I disagree, because to exist needs life. That life may look very different but it is still life, it is still living.

Just before I heard that phrase I had spoken to my mum, and sung happy birthday to her. I haven’t seen her in person since October. However, we still have a strong relationship, possibly speak to each other more and actually see each other on screens more since lockdown.

There’s other people I’ve possibly also spoken to more since the pandemic. And if we go back to my previous blog of roots in my life I would have to say relationships is another one that is important for me.

I know other people have got fitter or healthier during the pandemic, others have started new crafts, others who have started baking and all sorts of other things. That sounds like a lot more like living than just existing.

In the picture at the top we can see an empty path, with dead leaves and dandelions growing through. At the moment it might feel like things are a bit empty, and our lifestyle is definitely going to be different, but that isn’t going to stop the light of tings coming through like the Dandelions.

I can’t wait to go to a pub, or out for a meal with friends and family, but that isn’t my entire life. There is a lot more to it and I’m sure I could find more.

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