In order to grow I think we all know that we need strong roots. I actually found out from an episode of QI the other day that it’s better to plant a tree in a square hole as that gives more space and encouragement for the roots to go further. However, essentially we know that when we see a plant or a tree that what we can’t see, under the ground getting the nutrients, and providing an anchor are the roots. Without the roots, it will be considerably more difficult. On my walk to work there is a park and a couple of years ago some trees were planted. I really saw the role and importance of the roots with these trees as the majority flourished and continued to grow but a couple stayed as they were – the roots clearly had been hindered.

It’s the same with us, we need to lay roots to enable us to grow. We also need to be aware of what those roots are and whether we need to change them – after all trees are sometimes moved to give them more ground to grow. There isn’t a list of what roots are for humans, we will all have different ones but that’s why we need to be aware, there are possibly some that are similar for all of us. There’s one that I want talk about as part of this blog though. You’ve possibly already worked it out from the title.

I like to know what’s going on, and what I’m doing. When I’m in school I have a routine from the order I do things in the house, the route I walk, the order I do things when I arrive, the structure of my lessons, and what I do when I get home. This helps me to feel comfortable and confident in who I am and what I’m doing. As I gradually increase my time back at work I know that I need to develop my own routine, guidance for each hour of each day to enable me to do my best work.

If I don’t know what is going on I can get very anxious, which can lead to seizures and other anxiety traits… but I know it can get too stringent as well. It really is about creating that right middle ground to allow growth.

Routine has been spoken about a lot over the last year, and the fact that not having a routine, or the change of routine has impacted on people’s mental health. There has been a stress on people developing a routine for themselves and their families. This isn’t necessarily easy but it definitely helps, and I know many people who have seen the difference it makes.

So I think I’d say routine is a root we all share, although it’s going to be different for us all. I’ll have a think about what some of my other roots are and share them over the coming days/weeks.

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