1 month…

(Warning gruesome photos included) Does a month seem like a short time or a long time to you? I think it often depends on what that month entails. I’ve been waiting for 11th January to arrive, and it seems to have taken some time. But it has now arrived. Today it is one month since my last tonic chlonic seizure – also known as grand mal, or big fits! After the last year and especially the last six months that is quite a major step. I have hinted at aspect of these seizures in previous blogs but I haven’t said anything specific. The seizure I had on the 11th December, well I can’t say a huge amount about what happened I can only really share the results. But the results may give you some idea as to why I’m so grateful today. I was home on my own, and had had a shower. I woke up on the bathroom floor with about an inch of water around me. I was VERY confused. I tried to get up but it is very difficult to get up on a wet tiled floor. I somehow managed, and walked out to the hall where the carpet was soaked as it was in the bedroom. I tried to dry up the water but all I wanted to do was sleep. I was eventually persuaded by my mum and some friends E and H that I should focus on the sleeping – the water will still be there and I needed to look after me. So PJs, sofa, sleeping was what happened, with gradual worrying about the water! As the afternoon went on I started to notice that my face was hurting, and that I was finding it difficult to talk, drink, or eat. I then took this photo Hmmmmmm not good! The swelling got worse, and my jaw was incredibly painful. A couple of days later … There’s honestly some improvement! This is one of the worst seizures I have had, and I am grateful not to have had any tonic chlonic seizures since. I am still having myochlonic (twitching and confusion) every day but I am dealing with that and I am closer now to going two months without a tonic chlonic which is closer to six months! We’re back to taking those small steps again!

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