Last night myself and the husband were having a screen catch up with a friend. For some reason even when I was talking I kept going off screen. My beloved husband suggested it’s probably because I’m so short! Nice! Luckily I was sitting next to the arm he’d had a jab in this week! Anywho, I’d never really thought of myself as short, but over recent years more and more people have pointed it out to me. This is obviously exasperated by having a 6ft7 husband, but I have also found that short trousers do fit better! Anywho, is it an issue? Well, I don’t think so.

We often associate larger things with better. Our goals may be for bigger things, which may mean more expensive, more memory, or physically larger. However, if we look at the photo above we see hills, but those hills are the result of innumerable tiny grains of sand. The next day those hills will be completely different because the tiny grains will be in different places, moved by wind or sea or people.

Our lives are like those hills, made up of so many small things, but creating something magnificent. We need to recognise the small things as it can sometimes be something that we do to those small things that affects the magnificence of the entirety.

In my previous posts I have spoken about the journeys we are on; those journeys are made up of small steps. Our dreams may be big, but we have to be willing to go through the small steps to reach those dreams.

Yes I am considerably smaller than my husband but we both have our uses and together we work as a team. We are all different but there are many of us, and together we can create a team that can truly make a difference.

I’ll finish off with a couple of examples…

I do cross stitch – lots of individual stitches that make images eventually

I’ve played in Orchestras and sung in choirs – the different harmonies make a tune

What’s your role?

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