What traditions do you have? Are there certain meals you have on certain days? Certain dates that you do things? Certain decorations you use?

17 years ago the husband wanted to follow a tradition. 5 days earlier we had already decided we were going to get married, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Then we were going to a service at canterbury cathedral, but went to the cloisters first. Gav got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (officially). In those 5 days he had phoned my dad and asked his permission. He wanted to follow tradition. I believe my dad, quite typically, responded “please take her from me”

I’ve just been watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during which they have the Yule Ball – a traditional dance where people wear traditional clothes.

There’s a lot of talk at the moment of whether Christmas is going to be cancelled. What this really means is are the traditions going to be cancelled. After all it’s not possible to cancel what Christmas celebrates. But what are the traditions people are worried about? Winter wonderlands; festive food courts; parties; turning on of lights etc

Why do we like traditions? Often they mean something to us, and will bring back memories. Sometimes it’s because we’re told that that is what we’re supposed to do. But do we need them?

I know after the event of 17 years ago my traditions started to change as the traditions of mine and the husbands merged!

I think we’re heading more to a time where we really do have to focus on what we’re able to do each day and be grateful for that than worry about what we’re not able to. Traditions can be good, can be fun, can be nice but there’s more to focus on at the moment.

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