Excuses and Manifestos

About 3 years ago I was living a very different life. I was seizure free, I had lost weight, I was running, I was enjoying life, I started writing a blog about it!!!!

But now…

I’m having seizures again, the weight is back if not more (I’m too scared to step on the scales) I can’t go out running, I struggle in life, my blog is a lot wider than just how I lost weight! (Not the only thing that is wider)

So why? I could make many an excuse. It is very easy to blame the epilepsy. Since I’ve started having seizures again I’m not able to do as much exercise as I was doing; I’m on a high dose of a drug that increases my appetite; I’ve always been a stress eater and along with the epilepsy the last couple of years have been mighty stressful.

These are all facts, but if I’m being honest with myself they are all excuses as well. Pretty good excuses but excuses all the same! I guess I probably should add in lockdown as well, I have been going for walks but nowhere near as much as I would do normally.

So what am I going to do?

I know I can do it, I know I feel better for doing it, I know there are things which I can do instead of the running etc, but I also know I’m no good with a manifesto!

The idea of a manifesto scares me, puts pressure on me, and I’m really no good with pressure. I know that it’s only something I can do and I know it’s something I need to put into my life.

So now to stop making excuses and to not worry about a manifesto or anyone else’s manifesto but to live the life I’ve been given.

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